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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Best year so far!

Ok I feel like a horrible blogger. It has been a busy school year so far. I feel like I am treading water sometimes. I have to say though I have the best class that I have ever had. They are quiet, calm, sweet and smart. I was reading a story on the first day of school and I asked them if they knew what the person was callled that wrote the words and a few of them knew the word author, they also knew illustrator and pronounced it correctly too! These are 4 year olds. I also have a few that already know all of there letters and sounds, I have high expectations for this year. I will stop bragging now. Oh wait one more thing, every single one falls asleep during nap time too! Ok now I am done bragging. I really will post pics soon, I promise. Catcha' on the flip side!


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